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.: B-B-Bring The Boys Out :. by SwordOfTheFlame12 .: B-B-Bring The Boys Out :. by SwordOfTheFlame12
I forgot one boy of St. Chevalier's team, Hattori Kazuto a.k.a Kiri's cousin. ;A; OK, yeah, most of the boys (excluding three in the team who belongs to ~luckynyan4 ;w; ) are related to my female KuroBasu OCs in a way or two.

From left to right:
Takeda Reito
-Rise and Akari's (Yes, they're related now) twin cousins. The four of them are born on the same date (7th of July) to different mothers. Reito is the outgoing twin between him and Reiji. He's currently pursuing to attract Ryoko's attention. Can be quite a flirt due to the fact that he hangs around Kise a lot. Basketball-wise, he's a back-up player who plays as the Shooting Guard and his team-mates nicknamed him 'The Archer' for his accuracy in shooting. Reiji, Kazuto and him are room-mates just like their cousins. He attends the same dance classes as Rise is along with Reiji and tends to be paired up with either of the two during performances. An ex-archer from Teiko's kyudo club.

Noguchi Tatsuki
-Tomi's sweetheart cousin from her mother's side of the family. Tatsuki is like the mother to the boys team and babies his little cousin a lot. His left knee injury is because of him protecting Tomi when she nearly fell down a cliff during winter holidays. Rise is close to him due to the fact he understands of having an injury and being a player. Other than being a basketball player, Tatsuki is also skilled in art, especially when it comes to paints and watercolours and also music (He can play the saxophone and is taught by his granduncle who's an ex-saxophone player). Because of the fact that there are times when his steps are as if it has a rhythm to it and they can almost hear as if there was a melody in his running, some of his team-mates gave him the nickname 'Musician' because of this. He plays as the Power Forward back-up player and used to be a saxophone player in Teiko's music club.

Aomori Yukinari
-The master prankster of the team (Gains the nickname 'Fox' for this) and the academy's No. 1 playboy. Every three months, he'll date another girl before dumping and dating a new one. Because of this, a lot of boys dislike him. He's often Akari, Kiri and Hideko's victim of cosplay. Most of his pictures as a maid and playboy bunny are used as black-mail material in order to stop him from breaking hearts. Deceiving is his number one talent as he applies this in his playing style on the courts and he usually puts on a poker-face thus it's hard to predict his actions. He plays as the Point Guard. He's the team's punching bag.

Owari Azuma
-The captain of the boys' basketball team of St. Chevalier Academy and Akari's distant cousin. He's a third year and a smoker. He used to be a delinquent back during his middle school days due to the pressure he gains from his parents' divorce and older brother's death. Just like Rise, Reito, Reiji and Akari, he's born on the 7th of July. Despite looking like a calm person, he has a very short fuse and is sometimes called 'The Dynamite' Because power and speed are his specialities when it comes to basketball, his team-mates tend to call him 'The Hulk' for it. Obviously, he doesn't approves this and anyone that's not a girl who calls him this gets a basketball on the face. He plays as the Power Forward and is known for his aggressive play-style.

Takeda Reiji
-The more quiet and sensible twin of Reito. He tends to be Reito's 'baby-sitter', despite being the younger twin. Reiji's good with boys and isn't afraid of standing up for himself or his twin and cousins but due to the fact that his family is male-dominant, he has a hard time talking to girls. When he does, it'll always be blushing and shuttering and looking away to avoid eye-contact so girls usually leads the conversation when with him. He has stamina issues thus overcomes it by eating sugar or have sweets inside his mouth during a match. Is a back-up Point guard and is nicknamed 'Sugar Glider' due to his sweet tooth.

Hattori Kazuto (not in the picture)
-Kiri's equally quiet cousin who's much more mature. Much to her chagrin, Kazuto approves her planned engagement and often rubs this on her face. Azuma and him goes to the same MMA dojo when they were elementary and middle-school students and is the only person who knew about his personal life other than Akari. Although he maybe a nice guy, but when angered, he doesn't have any qualms of being violent and sometimes will remind others of Akashi due to their families' relationships. Kazuto is a straightforward person and when he wants to say something, he will say it straight on the spot. He's the vice-captain of the boys' basketball team of St. Chevalier.

I guess that's all? OnO OTL I spent almost an hour writing their information. Keeping them balanced is really hard work and this is merely the beginning ;; They're still WIP characters after all, so go easy on me. far the team consist of...the boys mentioned above+~luckynyan4's Kano, Nao and Bear. (That's more than enough for a team.)

Bases (c) ~CherryCupcakePixels
OCs+Information+St. Chevalier (c) ~SwordOfTheFlame12 [Unless you want your intestine to be inside my personal lab, I advise you to not plague these things even for a little bit. I have strong instincts, bitch.]
Kuroko no Basket (c) Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Guess where the title is? Get it right and you'll win a little something from me :3
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PyraDemonia Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
Nmmm~< St chevalier handsome boys :)
nejiHolic Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SNSD FTW! I like your OCs, so fascinating. <3
SwordOfTheFlame12 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Hehe~Yesh! :3
Thank you! :'D I love your Tomoe too btw~! <3
nejiHolic Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
o.o Tomoe? I thought that Tomoe is too highstrung to be liked/shot A lot of people seem to like her. I like SNSD and 2NE1.
luckynyan4 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
OMG!!!I love how you designed them<333333333333
St.Chevalier is an awesome school and full of hot guys(eyes Yuki and Azuma //slapped) *0*
I will post some more about my guysmainly some background info with they're former school
SwordOfTheFlame12 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Sankyuu! <3
Correction, all schools in KnB has hot men and bishies 8"D *avoids balls being thrown at her*
Yes, you should. uwu I wanna know more about them! ( * q *)b
luckynyan4 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
xDD you're absolutely right -its first anime I've seen with so many bishies around -its basket heaven <3
Mhh...I'll try to get the pic finished so I can post it with the bg story...maybe do a fanfic if I dont get lazy lol
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